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Vážení zákazníci, v souvislosti s povinností zavést EET ukončujeme dlouholetý provoz našeho knihkupectví. Děkujeme Vám za pěkných 13 let s knihami našeho obchodu a přejeme vše dobré.

   Fiske Guide to Colleges 2013 358 Kč (s DPH)

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Cena bez DPH: 325 Kč
Cena s DPH: 358 Kč
Vydavatel: Sourcebooks
Autor: Edward Fiske
Datum vydání: 01.07.2012
Dostupnost: Odeslání obvykle do 1-2 business dnů Po odeslání se doba doručení řídí dle způsobu dopravy, 2 až 28 dní
Medium: Paperback
Počet stran: 848
ISBN: 1402209630

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The Fiske Guide to Colleges is the most trusted source of information for college-bound students and their parents. For more than 25 years, students, parents, and guidance counselors have relied on its unbiased, straightforward reviews of the 320+ best and most interesting colleges and universities. Every student is different. So is every college. Let the Fiske Guide help you find which one is your perfect match.

Fully updated and expanded every year, the Fiske Guide has all the information you need to choose a college that's right for you. Careful research as well as testimonials from real students from each college provide helpful, honest information about the academic climates and courses, along with the important social and extracurricular scenes at great schools in the United States, plus Canada and Great Britain.

--An easy self-quiz to help you understand what you are really looking for in a college
--The strongest majors and programs at each college
--Vital information on how to apply, including admissions and financial aid deadlines, required tests, and each school's admissions essay questions
--Selectivity statistics and SAT and ACT scores
--Indexes that help you find schools by price and state
--A list of schools with strong programs for learning disabled students
--All the basics, including e-mail addresses and online websites, so you can plan and map your college visits and tours
--"Overlap" schools you should consider to help expand your options
--Going well beyond just college rankings, thorough articles highlight the key aspects and "personality" of every school in the book, written by the former education editor of the New York Times

--Most trusted by guidance counselors, students, and parents
--Packed with tips from current students about the ins and outs of their schools
--Includes Fiske's exclusive academic, social, and quality-of-life ratings for each school

"Most readable and informative of all college guides."
"The best college guide you can buy."

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