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   Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Plain & Simple 932 Kč (s DPH)

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Cena bez DPH: 847 Kč
Cena s DPH: 932 Kč
Vydavatel: Microsoft Press
Autoři: Johnathan LightfootChris Beckett
Datum vydání: 2010
Medium: Paperback
Počet stran: 241
ISBN: 0735642281

Popis titulu (Product Description)

Learn the simplest ways to get things done with Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010!

Here's WHAT You'll Learn

  • Manage and share team information in one location
  • Use project task lists to organize people and processes
  • Create libraries for documents, media, slides, and more
  • Work seamlessly with Microsoft Office
  • Find content quickly with the Search Center
  • Add SharePoint blogs, wikis, and personal sites

Here's HOW You’ll Learn It

  • Jump in whenever you need answers
  • Easy-to-follow STEPS and SCREENSHOTS show exactly what to do
  • Handy TIPS teach new techniques and shortcuts
  • Quick TRY THIS! exercises help apply what you learn right away

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